In light of persisting and critical socioeconomic and environmental challenges that our city struggles with, our Social Entrepreneurship program empowers our own residents, especially our young adults, to take on these challenges by unlocking their vision, abilities and creativity, through an incubator approach that seeks to create a more robust ecosystem of social service capabilities. This is a joint initiative with NYC Starting Up.

About The Program


If you have an idea or vision that would improve our city and are willing to take the time to turn that idea or vision into an executable plan and see it through, we encourage you to fill out the form below.

For clarity’s sake, an executable plan is one with the following elements:

  • Clearly defined objectives
  • A compelling argument as to why those objectives should be achieved
  • An understanding of who would be involved
  • A set duration
  • An understanding of whether any funding might be needed, and if so, the estimated amount
  • What is currently known and what needs to be learned
  • A clear approach or method


Compared to for-profit entrepreneurship, the amount of time and energy spent on figuring out how to assist the disadvantaged and underserved among us, or how to solve critical socioeconomic problems pales in comparison.

However, in a social services ecosystem that could benefit greatly from creativity and innovation, even relatively smaller contributions by young adults and students can have a significant impact.

We especially encourage applicants to think not in terms of building a whole house, but contributing a solid brick that others can add to.


We help qualifying applicants to critically assess and refine their plans, perform a thorough Needs Assessment relating to those plans and begin an iterative process of implementation, providing legal, advisory and networking assistance.

Application Form

Get in Touch

If you have any difficulties with the form above, or would like to contact us about another matter, please email us at:

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