OUR NYC coordinates Initiatives that bring New Yorkers
from Diverse Backgrounds, Experiences & Generations

The accessibility of resources & information is a key focus we hold
along with unlocking our City’s creativity, culture and shared identity


NEXT GEN NYC is the network for our City’s future, with a focus on the development of current & future leaders, the various Communities within our city as essential units and the formation of connections that allow a shared existence amidst our diversity.

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MENTORS NYC provides a space where our City’s young adults & youth can benefit from the insight, experience and knowledge of the prior generation and identify their passions and direction in life, along with the educational paths, skills, programs and other resources that can assist them along the way. It is a joint initiative with NYC Starting Up.

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Our various initiatives put young adults and students side-by-side with professionals, community leaders and entrepreneurs in different fields and provides them the opportunity to collaborate, learn, network and serve their Communities.

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In light of persisting and critical socioeconomic, cultural and environmental challenges that our city struggles with, our Social Entrepreneurship program empowers our own residents, especially our young adults, to take on these challenges by unlocking their visions, abilities and creativity through an incubator approach that seeks to create a more robust ecosystem of social service capabilities. This is a joint initiative with NYC Starting Up.

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The Korean Help Initiatives utilize the KoreanHelp.org site as an easy-to-find, centralized location for resources & information and they bring together and coordinate organizations, professionals, academics and students for the advancements of Korean-Americans in NYC.

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Currently in their early stages, the South Asian Help initiatives are using the lessons obtained from the Korean Help initiatives to build a similar easy-to-find, centralized hub for resources and information capable of assisting the various South Asian Communities in NYC and foster collaboration among their various segments.

In our City’s history there have been some great New Yorkers and what sincerely excites and humbles us is that we are allowed to discover and work with the greatness in so many diverse individuals that takes so many different shapes and that is greater still when merged together.

Communities as Units

Seeing ethnic Communities as units that often share a same language, traditions, media and more has been critical in tapping into the strengths and talent that exists within them.