NEXT GEN NYC is the network for our City’s future, with a focus on the development of current & future leaders, the various Communities within our city as essential units and the formation of connections that allow a shared existence amidst our diversity.

About The Network


Serving on Community initiatives is currently the core activity of members of the Next Gen network.

These initiatives provide a chance to tackle the critical needs of some of the diverse Communities where they reside or were raised in and help them to impact some of the most disadvantaged and underserved members found within.

Various initiatives also help to unlock the vast potential found in a given Community and members are often among the best situated to serve as a bridge to other Communities, sharing and spreading cultural & artistic beauty to the benefit of the entire City.


Whenever possible, network members, who are college and high school students and young adults are paired with initiatives that align with objectives they feel strongly or passionate about. They are given the opportunity to play critical roles and are valued as partners, who are given the opportunity to contribute their creativity, intelligence, perspectives and talents.


Our Community initiatives typically have a group or coalition of community and elected leaders, organizations, professionals, academics and entrepreneurs working side-by-side with a team of Next Gen volunteers.

With the Next Gen members performing the critical roles mentioned above, established adults participating in the initiative can see and evaluate the potential, capabilities and contributions of these members for themselves.

This allows for some of the most natural, effective and long term networking and mentorship opportunities.


In light of persisting and critical socioeconomic, cultural and environmental challenges that our city struggles with, our Social Entrepreneurship program empowers our young adults, to take on these challenges by unlocking their visions, abilities and creativity through an incubator approach that seeks to create a more robust ecosystem of social service capabilities. This is a joint initiative with NYC Starting Up.

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